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Hawaiian Products: Hawaiian Ethnic Snacks, Hawaiian Ethnic Food and Aloha Gifts Offered by Crackseed Online.

Hawaiian Products such as mouth watering Hawaiian Ethnic Snacks (crackseed, li hing mui gummies, etc.) and unique Aloha Gifts (Hawaii books, CDs, puka shells, Hula Instruments, perfume, etc.) enjoyed by Hawaii locals, visitors and others living through out our world. Honolulu Catering.

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Crackseed World brick and mortar Store opened May 12, 1987 in Moilli'ili, Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu Island.   Our store carried best tasting imported and made in Hawaii Asian Snacks (crackseed, arare, senbei, candies and etc.). After our physical store closed, Crackseed World Online began offering the best tasting Hawaiian snacks and different and unusual Hawaiian Gifts.  Thus, providing our customers Hawaiian Products while maintaining excellent customer service. 

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